Ferlin-Sutton Leo
Linux System Engineer


I'm a Linux System Administrator working in Paris, France. I have lived in Australia and in France where I earned a Master´s degree in Computer Science from Supinfo International University. I have worked for an animation Studio for two years before the call of the Open Source became too strong to resist and I joined the 'System' Business Unit (unofficially nicknamed 'The A Team') at Smile Open Source Solutions.

Work Experience

Smile Open Source Solution
July 2013 – Present
Linux System Administrator
Since I started working for Smile, I have participated in over 50 open source related projects. I was tasked with a range of duties such as load testing web infrastructures, conducting audits to detect bad practices or performance issues, migrating clients from horribly expensive RDBMS solution to free open source alternative (PostgreSQL), automating the deployment of high-availablity infrastructures, and finally I trained clients in the basics of LAMP, Tomcat or linux Administration. After a year working for Smile I was in charge of training and helping interns and part-time students who joined the team. I was also asked to fulfil the role project manager and Sales Engineer when needed. Notable clients include BNP Paribas, Total, the French National Order of Pharmacist, the Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety Institute, Orange Ivory Coast, Doctors Without Borders and the French Ministry of Education.
  • Lead the first Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration process for Informatique Caisse des Comptes and the E.Leclerc Group
  • Worked on the industrialization of Orange Ivory Coast's professional hosting service.
  • Taught many courses about Linux and Open Source Software to The French Ministry of Education in Versailles
  • Simulated an XML-RPC Odoo instance to load test Doctors Without Borders intranet
Studio Redfrog
July 2011 – June 2013
System Administrator Trainee
During my internships at the Studio Redfrog I was often the sole 'IT Guy', merging the responsabilities of a System and Network Administrator as well as Tech Support. I had the chance to work on two seasons of 'The Garfield Show' and one season of 'Quiz de Zack'. Finally I was de-facto in charge of the QA of an android application and it's supporting middlewares after the Project Manager left the compagny. I successfuly implemented a new backup policy, managed the administration of the windows and linux servers, and managed the regular growth that came with each production.
  • Successfully filled the role of System Administrator as well as technical support for the compositing team working on "The Garfield Show - Season 3". About 1 TB of data (images) calculated offsite and composited daily, 52 episodes produced.
  • Successfully migrated the production of "Quiz de Zack - Season 2" from Hamony Studio 8 to Harmony Studio 9 while providing technical support to the more artistic teams.
  • Supervised the purchase, installation and operation of an XSI (Mental Ray) render farm for the production of "The Garfield Show - Season 4"
  • QA ; Debugging of the Application "Sawt-al-Noor" on Android, Blackberry and Iphone


  • 2009 2015



    Information Technology

    • Basic SQL
    • Computer Science
    • Programming language theory
    • Linux and Windows Administration


Linux System Administration Skilled
Apache Tomcat Bacula Centreon/Nagios OpenLDAP DRBD/Corosync/Pacemaker LXC/OpenVZ ELK stack Linux
Industrialization and Cloud technologies Skilled
Ansible Puppet Foreman Docker
Database Administration Skilled
PostgreSQL Oracle to PostgreSQL Migrations Microsoft SQL Server TO PostgreSQL Migrations MySQL
Scripting and Development Somewhat Skilled
Python Bash PHP debugging
Public Cloud solutions Notions
Amazon Web Service Google Cloud Engine


  • EnglishNative speaker
  • FrenchNative speaker


Video Games